Transition is a movement carrying alternatives: alternatives to the exhaustion of natural resources and alternatives to climate change. By initiating concrete and various actions, the actors of the Transition movement construct a different future from the one we are currently heading to. In order to tackle the economic, social and ecological challenges of our society, these initiatives offer suggestions of social innovation to pursue more sustainable and inclusive societies. Getting involved in the Transition movement means striving for a new economic and social model that improves the way we live together.

The European Observatory of the Transition defines itself as a platform of information and analysis. It offers detailed and updated information on many aspects of the Transition and sustainable development to professionals, political leaders or members of the civil society.

This resource-website gathers academic publications, legislative texts and rich and complete news on the Transition at the European level. Combined with a quarterly newsletter, it provides theoretical grounds but also examples of best practices and innovative projects.

The objectives of the Observatory are multiple:

  • Providing data;
  • Being a European platform for sharing knowledge;
  • Disseminating European meetings and forums;
  • Advising companies and political leaders.

This shared platform can serve as a network for associations, professional federations and public authorities. The agenda gathers the events (conferences, seminars, manifestations...) in order for the actors of the European transition to meet.

The Transition movement offers a new perspective on the world of tomorrow. While local socio-economic activities may seem disorganised and heterogeneous, they integrate common principles such as social harmony, citizenship, respect of the environment, social economy...

This Observatory aims at being a reference in terms of monitoring transition initiatives. By gathering these new ways of consuming, working and producing, but also of sharing and living together, the European Observatory of Transition sees itself as a cornerstone for all the actors looking for a meaningful project.