European observatory of Transition

Transition is a movement bringing new initiatives : alternatives to the exhaustion of natural resources - starting with oil - and alternatives to climate change. By setting up concrete and varied initiatives, actors of Transition implement pathways for a different future. Given the ecological, economic and social threats our societies currently face, these initiatives bring new opportunities of social innovation for the development of sustainable and inclusive societies. Getting engaged in the Transition means tending towards a new economic and social model in order to make the world a better place for all.


The European observatory of Transition defines itself as a platform of information and strategic monitoring of issues related to Transition. It aimes in equal measure at professionals, public decision makers and citizens.



Transition and sustainable development are two closely linked subjects : this section focusses on defining the two concepts at the heart of this observatory.



PLS team is composed of members with multicultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds and works in the public space alongside socioeconomic actors, having as its motto: ‘Understand to Act’.