When used cooking oil becomes biofuel ... news of the BIOHEC-LIFE project

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Halfway through the BIOHEC-LIFE project, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ is pleased to share with you the latest advances of this unique project, which aims to promote the collection and processing of used cooking oils (UCO) in Europe to transform them into biofuel.


As a reminder, the BIOHEC-LIFE project is a circular economy project led by the social enterprise Gecco, which brings together a consortium of 4 partners, including PLS. Gecco's activity is based on the recycling of various waste products such as coffee grounds, bio-waste and UCO. This biodiesel is then reintroduced into vehicles of the public fleet of the city of Lille.

The two main objectives of the BIOHEC-LIFE project are to validate the technological process of transforming oil into biofuel and to enable other European social enterprises to develop this activity in their region.

It is within this framework that PLS is looking for companies across Europe willing to promote this activity and invest in the technology developed by Gecco.

PLS and Gecco therefore went to Salamanca - Spain in October 2018, to meet the social enterprise Porsiete. Porsiete already has several recycling activities, including clothing and electrical appliances. The cooperative also collects frying oils, but does not yet have the appropriate machinery to process the oil on its site and must therefore sell it to fuel suppliers. This very interesting investment would enable Porsiete to generate employment in a region severely impacted by the economic crisis and which does not have industrial sectors large enough to create jobs.

Partnership projects such as the one developed with Porsiete are also underway in Slovenia, Greece and Italy.