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Circular economy: when wastes become resources!

Monday, 10 September 2018

The linear model of the current economic system, based on the principle of "extract, produce, consume, throw away", is not sustainable in the long term because it puts immense pressure on natural resources and inevitably leads to their mismanagement and use. So, what are the solutions? Pour la Solidarité - PLS briefly illustrates here an alternative appreciated by more and more urban territories: BIOHEC-LIFE!


The circular economy is based on the principle that waste produced during a production cycle can be reused, recycled, recovered in order to be transformed into resources and thus limit the pressure that our traditional development models operate on the planet and its natural resources.

The circular economy is now on the EU agenda and is recognised as one of the solutions for more environmentally friendly economic development. For more information, read or reread the PLS Booklet published in 2017 - Towards a circular economy in Europe (FR).

True to its motto "Understanding to act", PLS, the social enterprise Gecco and other partners involved in the BIOHEC-LIFE project, have analysed, tested and experimented with a circular economy model for the recycling of used cooking oil into biofuel. BIOHEC-LIFE: a new example of recycling a resource that was still considered a waste until recently.

The BIOHEC-LIFE model, which benefits from the strategic support of the City of Lille - through the short-circuit reintroduction of biofuel into the city's public vehicle fleet - is being extended to other fertile land. New European localities will soon join the strategic partnership!

Stay tuned for more information !