US: gathering more accessible information about air quality

Google and Aclima, a company specialized in networking environmental sensors, made an experimental collaboration in order to gather information about air quality in cities.

In the US, finding informations about air quality of the area you live in, or you work in, is really difficult. The amount of data is huge and it is really hard to interprete them accurately. Therefore, the technology company named Aclima decided to meet this challenge.

After a collaboration with Google to analyse their indoor air quality in 21 buildings on four continents, they started to work with outdoor data. Aclima made a cooperative agreement with the Environment Protection Agency, and they combined the use of portable sensors they made with the Google Street View cars to analyse Denver air quality during a month.

Their objective is that "every person can make a data-driven decision" about their living environment. Nevertheless, the future of the expansion of this project is still uncertain. They need important investments and therefore buyers for their data.


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