#ShowTheLove: Raising awareness for climate change in Great Britain

The campaign Show The Love highlights how climate change affects various beloved places of the British. Launched by a report published on Valentine's Day and illustrated by a short film, the initiative raises awareness for the consequences of climate change that are palpable for the everyday British citizen.

On Valentine's Day, we think of the people we love, and maybe also of the places we've taken them to: picturesque towns, stunning beaches, cozy bars... in short, all the beautiful places our surroundings have to offer. However, exactly these places are often under an immediate threat by climate change.

By covering 12 places in Britain that are impacted by climate change, the report by the Climate Coalition depicts in an impressive manner how climate change is a phenomenon that affects British citizens and their surroundings on a daily basis. To make people experience what's at stake, #ShowTheLove also features a short film about the beauty of the British countryside and the visible effects of human intervention therein.

The director of the Priestley International Centre for Research responsible for the report puts into words what one cannot help to realize after having read the report and watched the video: Climate change is not only coming home - it has arrived! 

The picture shows the old town of Keswick, one of the places covered in the report.