Germany: onshore wind power slowing down in 2015!

Mardi, 4 Août 2015

During the last months, wind power installations declined significantly in Germany. Even if the sector still has good results, the country is moving away from the 2014 record. 

The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) says the new installations in the first half of 2015 represent one-third less than over the same period last year. In 2014, many builders anticipated the reform of Germany's renewable energies law (EEG) and decided to increase the number of wind turbine installations. 

Now, onshore wind power should continue to increase until 2016. Then, its future is uncertain. Financial support will drop and there is a risk that interest rate levels will rise. The German government is currently working on reforming the subsidisation system for renewable energies. The tendering process announced by the government will be operational for 2017, at the latest. 

In response, the Wind Energy Association suggests that a study is needed at European Union level to measure the effectiveness of subsidisation. If the tendering process is implemented in Germany, the government needs to plan the transition in order to help wind turbine manufacturers to adapt to the shifting conditions and situations in the sector.