Photo by Tejvan Pettinger / CC BY 2.0

Cycling related project looking for funding? We have the tool you need!

The European Cyclist Federation (ECF) developed the tool all project managers are dreaming of: an Observatory to help them find opportunities for using EU funds! Yet the Observatory "only" concerns fundings for cycling-related projects. That is to say an overview of over 200 different programming documents covering the whole of the 2014-2020 EU financial period.

For each document, the ECF has checked both the wording, to highlight useful references, and the funding distribution to estimate how much could potentially be spent on cycling-related projects.

Since identifying funding opportunities is only the beginning of the process, the ECF is expecting, in the coming years, to provide more tools, advice and suggestions through this section of the website to help all applicants along the way. A best practice database is already available to bring together examples of successful EU-funded cycling-related projects from around Europe.