Environmental Implementation Review adopted by the Commission

Lundi, 6 Mars 2017

In an effort to improve the implementation of European environmental policy, the European Commission adopted a new tool that reports on strengths and weaknesses of all 28 member states.

If all EU guidelines on the environment were complied with, the EU economy could save € 50 billion in health costs and direct costs to the environment every year.

However, this is far from being the case:
The Review shows that problems with waste management, nature and biodiversity and air and water quality still occur in a high number of member states. 
23 out of 28 member states still breach the EU rules on air quality, for example, which means that 130 cities across Europe suffer from air pollution. Furthermore, 13 member states face EU legal action for failing to reach compliance on collection and treatment of urban wastewater. 

By means of the Environmental Implementation Review (EIR), the European Commission attempts to adress these issues before launching a judicial procedure against the respective countries. The Review doesn't only point out shortcomings, but also gives recommandations on how to improve practices in the concerned areas. 


Union Européenne