Sustainability and Green Innovation in Competition Policy

Mercredi, 2 Mars 2016
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The green agenda is a top priority of the Juncker commission. This event organised by the think tank Bruegel focuses on the role of competition policy in promoting sustainability and green innovation.

According to Commissioner Vestager a whole array of public policies should be mobilised for the purpose of green economy, including competition policy.

During this event the focus will be on whether, and if so how, we should use competition policy to promote sustainability and green innovation. We will address the following questions : what is the scope for “green” efficiencies in EU competition policy? What has been the case practice so far? Should non-competitive aspects (such as the public interest, green innovation and environmental concerns) be taken into account in competition policy? How should they be weighed against anti-competitive effects of cartels, mergers or abuse ?



  • Maarten Pieter Schinkel, Professor, University of Amsterdam
  • Yossi Spiegel, Professor, Tel Aviv University School of Management
  • Céline Gauer, Director, Energy and Environment, European Commission, DG COMP




Rue de la Charité, 33