Climat, pour quelques degrés de moins

Video. Documentary - Climat, pour quelques degrés de moins

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

During one year, Alexis Barbier-Bouvet Thierry Robert and Elena Sender followed the research teams gathered in the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project under the coordination of IDDRI and SDSN.

With zooms on the work done in the United States, China, Indonesia, France and Germany, their 90 minutes documentary, broadcasted in French and German on Arte, shows the work of first-class research teams, all focused on a single question: how can my country pursue its development while drastically reducing its carbon emissions, consistent with the global goal of limiting the increase in average temperature to less than 2°C?

Their conclusion is that achieving this goal is possible, and that each country has its own way, taking into account its socio-economic objectives, its resources, its infrastructure, etc. While COP1 is starting, this documentary shows a movement which is already under way, and researchers who join forces to accelerate it, an acceleration which is precisely one of the main expectations of the Paris agreement.

See the video documentary “Climat : pour quelques degrés de moins” on Arte TV