Renewable Energy at Scale in the U.S. and Europe

Renewable Energy at Scale in the U.S. and Europe

November 2014

Focusing on transatlantic experiences, this 2014 Industry Review discusses how best to integrate increasing amounts of renewables into power systems while ensuring system performance, reliability, and resiliency.

The review examines the costs and benefits of renewable energy at scale, the efficacy of state and local policies in Europe and the U.S., and challenges and solutions to grid integration. The review also identifies best practices in key renewable energy markets to inform discussion in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere on the future of renewable energy policy and the role of renewables in the evolving power market system. The review examines these key issues, and provides recommendations with an emphasis on reaching and improving integration at scale, while providing a series of industry perspectives with useful analysis, data, and insight for renewable energy and utility stakeholders, including:

  • Suggested outcomes for the successful integration of renewable energy at scale ;
  • Best practices to better inform policies and market structures that deal with scalable deployment ;
  • Market solutions for issues related to transmission, distribution, variability, and the integration of resources.
Renewable Energy at Scale in the U.S. and Europe


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