Nature-based solutions & re-naturing cities

April 2015
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In relation with the project Horizon 2020, the participant pundits have formulated several recommendations to advise EU's environmental policies.

The Expert Group on 'Nature-Based Solutions and Re-Naturing Cities' aims at highlighting environmental solutions and actions that are inspired by or copied from nature.

Four principal goals have been identified that can be addressed by nature-based solutions:

  • Enhancing sustainable urbanisation through nature-based solutions can stimulate economic growth as well as improving the environment, making cities more attractive, and enhancing human well-being;
  • Restoring degraded ecosystems using nature-based solutions can improve the resilience of ecosystems, enabling them to deliver vital ecosystem services and also to meet other societal challenges;
  • Developing climate change adaptation and mitigation using nature-based solutions can provide more resilient responses and enhance the storage of carbon;
  • Improving risk management and resilience using nature-based solutions can lead to greater benefits than conventional methods and offer synergies in reducing multiple risks.