Growth within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe

July 2015

A new study "Growth Within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe" from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment and the SUN (Stiftungsfonds für Umweltökonomie und Nachhaltigkeit) was presented on 25 June at the European Commission's stakeholder conference on the circular economy.

The study focuses on how to implement a circular economy in three major sectors of the European economy: food, mobility and the build industry. It shows that the circular economy in Europe would create a net benefit of 1.8 trillion by 2030 thanks to the technology revolution.

This economic model would also improve the life of Europeans through societal outcomes such as better quality of life and environment, local and green jobs creation for qualified and extra-qualified workers and an increase in household income of 3.000 euros.

Moreover, the circular economy will allow Europe to tackle the challenges of climate change. The study says it would halve the number of carbon dioxide emissions.

The linear development path has demonstrated its limits to face social, economic and ecological crisis. Let's start developing the circular economy in Europe!