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The European environment: state and outlook 2015

March 2015
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Every five years, the European environmental agency publishes a report of the knowledge related to the European environment’s state. This report underlines the improvements allowed by European environmental policies and the substantial challenges remaining in several areas.

The European Union aims at turning to a low-carbon society, a green and circular economy and resilient ecosystema, that support economic prosperity and human well-being. For all that, some substantial challenges remain to acheive such objectives. The European environment: state and outlook 2015 call European policy makers, enterprises and citizes out as for several concerns:

  • Protecting, conserving and enhancing natural capital;
  • Stimulating resource efficiency, low-carbon economic and social development;
  • Safeguarding people from environmental health risks.

Many areas such as energy, agriculture, transport, industry, tourism, fisheries and regional development, will then need to be deeply modified, in accordance with an ecological and sustainable integrated approach. Given the substantial transformations needed to engage the transitions towards a resilient society, the European environment: state and outlook 2015 report aims to be a knowledge-based tool for decision makers and all people solicitous over the protection of the environment.