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Energy, transport and environment indicators - 2014 edition

December 2014
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The multi-thematic pocketbook ‘Energy, transport and environment indicators' comprises a broad set of data collected by Eurostat and the European Environment Agency.

The objective of this publication is to provide an overview of the most relevant indicators on energy, transport and environment, with particular focus on sustainable development. It presents data for the European Union, for the EU Member States as well as for the candidate countries and EFTA countries.

This new edition presents facts and figures from the Energy, Transport and Environment sectors, all in a single volume. With a view of the growing global political importance of issues such as climate change and energy security, the three sectors have become increasingly interconnected. This creates the need for a comprehensive approach, comprising reliable and comparable statistical data, necessary for the better understanding of the complexity of the issues, for sound policy-making and the setting of effective measures.