Climate: "business as usual" for climate is not an option says the UN special envoy

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mary Robinson, the UN Secretary General’s special envoy on climate change, recently urged for global actions to tackle climate change.

Mrs. Robinson, who was the first woman president of Ireland and is now head of the MRFCJ foundation promoting climate justice, said it is a battle for all of us − and that now is the time for action, not for the continuation of "business as usual".

She said that the “business as usual” model of development has resulted in dangerous levels of pollution, caused climate change and biodiversity loss, and has failed to eradicate poverty and inequality.

Mrs. Robinson also called for a more unified approach to global action on the interlinked issues of development, climate change and human rights. This also means for countries to commit more funds to climate finance, and to institutions such as the Green Climate Fund.


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