Cities: the European Environment Agency's 'map book' reveals a vulnerability of European cities to climate change

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides a new 'map book' which gives information on European cities' challenges related to climate change and their capacity to adapt. 

This 'map book' is consisting of interactiv maps on urban vulnerability. It gathers relevant data on the challenges of European cities created by climate change. The information are based on four climate threats: heatwaves, drought and water scarcity, flooding and forest fires. 

The maps take into account financial resources as well as demographic, social, institutional, environmental and economic factors to identify a city's capacities to face climate change threats. For example, it includes the amount of green urban areas, the share of elderly people or the levels of trust. These factors influence the weaknesses of the city: high shares of elderly people exposes a city to higher health risks for instance. 


Practical information

The 'map book' is available on the European Climate Adaptation portal Climate-ADAPT. Any additional information may be added by users in the section 'Explore further'. Moreover, past development and future projections on various climate variables are accessible on the time series tool


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