Seminar "Re-building communities through sustainable jobs"

Saturday, 15 November 2014
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Can new technologies be used to strengthen people’s skills and re-deployment in locally based businesses? What kind of solutions and opportunities can technology offer? What kind of possibilities exist for urban-based ecological businesses? These questions will be discussed in a conference on November 15th organised by the Green European Foundation in Dublin, with the support of Green Foundation Ireland.

In order to sustain a Green transformation of its economy, the EU needs green industries, as part of a new social-ecological model in which dependency of fossil fuels is diminished, as well as and the distances between the place of consumption and production. A fundamental transformation of our work and ways of life will be based on a greened industry that manufactures in Europe and for the European market.

The project “Socio-ecological industrialisation: Striking the Balance Between Local and Global Dynamics” (SERIND) looks at the future of enterprises (social and commercial) and sustainable employment and generally discusses the fundamental transformation needed for EU’s industrial basis in order to sustain a general transformation of the economy towards sustainable practices. The event series is coordinated by the Green European Foundation with support of 7 Green national foundations.

The Dublin seminar is the third conference in a series of events on the topic and will be examining the trends in the manufacturing and the supply of goods and services from a sustainable ecological standpoint. It will look at new technologies that are shortening the supply chain, including manufacturing, which creates a more ‘circular’ economy and re-localizes employment. The event takes place at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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