India: the world's first airport running exclusively on solar power

The Cochin International Airport in the state of Kerala is the first airport totally power neutral; it creates as much energy as it consumes.

This airport is India's fourth largest international airport in terms of passenger traffic. The authorities started the project in 2013 with a small solar panel array on the rooftop of the terminal. Then, during the following years the airport kept using a mixture of renewable and regular energy sources. Since this year, it only relies on solar energy.

To have an idea about the impact of this project, the aiport claims that thanks to the solar energy 300.000 tons of carbon emissions will be cut over the next 25 years. It is the equivalent to planting three millions trees.

Other airports like Kolkata's Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport plan to follow this path by investing more and more in solar energy.



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