People's Climate March

COP21: call for participants to join in the Global Climate March!

On November 29th, hours before world leaders meet at the Paris climate summit, the Global Climate March will set out people powered demands for the world we want. Citizens united for an economy powered by 100% clean and safe energy, where good jobs benefit people and planet alike. A world protected from the ravages of climate change, where everyone has a right to food, water, clean air, and a healthy life.

A mega march in Paris on November 29th, and marches in other major cities across the globe that weekend. The biggest global day of action on climate in history will then crescendo as the summit ends in Paris on December 12 when citizens will have the final word and chart the fight going forward to keep dirty energy from choking our communities. The objectives are rather simple:

  1. Get people together

  2. Make it fun and hopeful

  3. Take a great photo to show media and world leaders!

But to change everything, it takes everyone, everywhere -- in cities, towns and villages across the world. This is an open invitation to sign up now and join the mobilisations. Together, we can shape our futures and bend the course of history. Join in!